Horror Story of Patty Death And Eeki By Maya Brown

My name USED to be Patty Smith. I’ve changed a bit since then.First of all, I’ve had this doll in which I love with all my heart. My mother had given me this doll on the day of my second Birthday. I named her Eeki, just because I had always loved that name. My mother passed away when I was five, on the day of Hallows Eve. This changed my life. For four years, I hadn’t been good at making friends. Alas, I didn’t want to anyway. On my 10th birthday, I was playing outside with Eeki (like usual) and all of a sudden, a girl came up to me and grabbed my chin. I could tell she was my age, but there was something about her face that made her look 1000 years old. She examined my face, and then she said in a voice that I’ll never forget, “Come child. You look promising. I wish to show you the ‘pit’ in which i call my home. Bring…..that, too.” She pointed to Eeki with her free hand. Then she quickly changed her hand’s position from my chin to my dress collar. She pulled me to the abandoned manor next door. I tightened my grip on Eeki’s tiny hand. I started to worry. I mean, picture being forced to go in an abandoned manor with a creepy stranger! When we arrived at the manor’s doorstep, she whispered into my ear, “May I see…….Whats-Its-Face? She’s….pretty…” She looked at Eeki with discust. I looked her in the eyes and for once, I felt strong. I firmly told her, “No.” She looked at me in surprise. I sighed. “As long as I can see you when you have MY Eeki.” I said. She rolled her eyes and said “Whatever you say.” I hesitated as I handed my best friend to this….. girl. She smiled at Eeki and sat down in the grass. I squinted just in case she tryed to do anything… weird. All of a sudden, the girl’s eye’s glowed an eerie greenish gray. Staring into Eeki’s eyes she chanted a language that I couldn’t understand. I understand now, though. She chanted, “Spirts, take my offering. Take me in as the child of the spirits of Darkness.” I gasped, but when i grabbed Eeki, I was too late. Her soft grin had moved down her face, gained a single stitch, and her light blonde hair had started to turn a greyish black. I looked at the girl, tears pouring down my face. Her mouth had an evil grin, and was covered in stitches.  She looked like Eeki does now. I turned away from the girl, and ran home, never to see the human version of my doll ever again. After 2 hours, her transformation was complete, and she was alive. I knew what came next, and I gave myself up. Eeki took a part of her new evil soul and used it to replace my human soul. She consumed my human soul. Everynight, I go into children’s houses, take their souls, and feed them to my forever best friend.                       My name is Patty Death, and my best friend has always and always will be, Eeki the possesed doll. I have been ten for thirty years now, and I think my life is fantastic.