Xander wakes before the sun. He slips downstairs in uncharacteristic silence and finds my purse from a poorly planned concealment. The coins housed in the inside zipper pocket are the prize. He puts them in a Zip-Lock bag he uses to spend on special trips to McDonald’s. Coins are irresistible. He holds them, drops them on the hardwood floor, and puts them back into his plastic bag. The paper money is inconsequential. I find it shredded in miniscule pieces down the heat vents, across the kitchen floor and in the garbage before I can brew a cup of coffee.

Connor stays awake until the time Xander wakes up. He has been crying for me and begging for a trip to the grocery store. When he has vacation from school, Eric and I take turns seeing him everyday. His ultimate is a trip to the grocery store with Mom. He spends hours carefully printing lists of items to buy. I call him every morning. He typically wants to go to Aldi’s and buy juice, eggs, potatoes, apples and candy. Connor waits at the door for me to arrive. He has his list and a canvas bag filled with drawings he spent hours on in my absence. Waiting.

The boys pull from opposite factions not realizing they are part of the same team. The bag of coins grows lighter. The trips to the grocery store grow fewer as impeccably tiny pieces of money are caught in the furnace filter.

It’s time for a book deal.  Or a reality show.  We are crazier than anything on cable.  .